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Paperwork_pile_over_desk.jpgMan_gazing_up_at_pile_of_paperwork.jpgBookkeeping is the foundational stepping stone to good accounts. But this basic step is often taken for granted, left to do later, or in the care of the untrained, yet it is the most important step to accurate reporting and compliance.

DE & RG Plaskitt have a strong reputation for achieving results. We will review your accounts, implement procedures and complete tasks necessary to facilitate accounting excellence. This grass roots function is assured in the care of DE & RG Plaskitt.

We will create clarity from choas, order from disorder, and function from disfunction for those who sruggle with the paperwork overload.  Good bookkeeping requires diligence to detail, specialised skills and sound organisation.

We understand how difficult it is fo busy managers operating the business on a day to day basis, often seven days a week.  That pile of paperwork is never ending.  Soon you can be lost under a mountain of paperwork, all needing attention.

Bookkeeping is not just data entry and this is all too easy an assumption to make.  The ability to be proactive, organised and have the knowledge to deal with it all is a speciality in itself.  Plaskitt Services will review your business needs and implement all best bookkeeping practices to ensure your business has the information and direction it needs to attain good financial record management.

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